THROWBACK THURSDAY! Recording strings for second album *Moon Town* in October 2011 at Uppsala Concert and Congress. Daniel Lantz conducts.

#tbt #beatfunktion #moontown
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Malin Thurén, Lina Söderholtz, Katarina Bengtson and Emeli Jeremias playing. Daniel Lantz conducting.

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Sani Gamedze and Rebecca Laakso at the Fasching release of 'Olympus'! You will have the chance to see these fantastic singers again with Beat Funktion on April 30 at Katalin, Uppsala! Mark your calendars! #beatfunktion #olympus ... See MoreSee Less

Johan Öijen, Charlotte Magnusson, Sani Gamedze and Rebecca Laakso. Beat Funktion "Olympus" release concert May 28 2015. Photo: Palli Kristmundsson.

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VOTE! 'Olympus' has been nominated for the annual prestigious Swedish Gyllene Skivan-award 2015! You may support the band by clicking the link below and vote for #9 Beat Funktion "Olympus" (in the scroll-down list) for the first slot. You have to give a total of three options for a valid vote! Voting closes on January 31st!

#beatfunktion #olympus
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Sten FribergRöstat.2 weeks ago   ·  1

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All you Swedish fans should not miss this upcoming concert in Stockholm at Mornington Live on Thursday 28th of January! The band features vocal guest performers Sani Gamedze ('It's About Time' from 'Olympus') and Chasmin Marquez! Show starts at 8 pm local time! Free entry!


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January 28, 2016, 8:00pm

Mornington Hotel Stockholm City

Ärade Publik! 28e januari är det dags för: BEAT FUNKTION!!! Ultrafunkiga sextetten Beat Funktion gästar Mornington LIVE med sitt svängiga 70-tals vintagesound! Detta hårdkokande gung som leds av pianisten Daniel Lantz har dessutom toppats med mästerliga solister och sist men inte minst en gästsångerska av yppersta klass!! Sani Gamedze från Sydafrika!! Räkna med ös! Hemsidor: Sani Gamedze - sång Karl Olandersson - trumpet Olle Thunström – tenorsax Johan Öijen – elgitarr Daniel Lantz – keyboards Pal Johnson – elbas Jon Eriksson – trummor Mornington LIVE har alltid fri entré. Då stället har begränsat med sitt platser är det god idé att vara på plats i god tid. Konsertstart kl 20.00 Hjärtligt Välkomna!!

Watch brilliant master photographer Palli Kristmundsson at work with the band Beat Funktion, plus featured guests for upcoming album 'Green Man'. #beatfunktion #greenman #pallikristmundsson
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Karl OlanderssonHahahahaha3 weeks ago   ·  2
Johan Öijen😂😂😂3 weeks ago   ·  2
Daniel Lantz3 weeks ago   ·  3
Mats HelgessonAwesome!3 weeks ago   ·  1
Simon Svärd3 weeks ago   ·  3
Jim McInnesThat's insane. I love the band!3 weeks ago   ·  1
Anders NordinNice!. 😜👍🏻💪🏽3 weeks ago   ·  2
Mary NelsonWow! Helt underbart!!! 😀2 weeks ago   ·  1
Roger KessingerWow, that's very interesting! :-)2 weeks ago   ·  1

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BEAT FUNKTION "GREEN MAN" : DRESS REHEARSAL 2016 (39 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Beat Funktion's dress rehearsal on January 7 2016 for 6th album "Green Man", featuring guest performers Deodato Siquir, Adée, Matilda Gratte, Claes Janson and Chasmin Marquez. Photos: Palli Kristmundsson.

Beat Funktion's dress rehearsal on January 7 2016 for 6th album

THROWBACK THURSDAY! Beat Funktion performs at Musikplats Stockholm P4 on February 8 2013 just as third album 'Voodooland' was licensed to Japanese label P-Vine! #beatfunktion #pvine #musikplats #stockholm #tbt ... See MoreSee Less

Beat Funktion @ Musikplats Stockholm SR P4. Olle Thunström & Karl Olandersson. Photo: Hans Österlind.

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Beat Funktion updated their profile picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bradley M. StoneI may have to fly to Stockholm this year to see you guys!4 weeks ago   ·  3
Daniel LantzWe will have a release of the new album in Stockholm probably in August/September, Bradley! With any luck we'll be back in the States before the year is over! ;-)4 weeks ago   ·  1
Cynthia Jean LandeenYou guys sure are hard working and your success us so well deserved!!!4 weeks ago   ·  2
Daniel LantzThanks CIndy! Let's connect later this spring for the US trip!4 weeks ago

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all of our fans! Thank you for all the support you have given us in 2015! We look forward to 2016 being an exciting year with plenty of new music and exciting collaborations!

Love from Daniel, Karl, Olle, Johan, Pal and Jon! xx

#beatfunktion #2016 #greenman #jazz #soul #funk
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