Interview with Daniel Lantz about “Roots” by Krister Olenmo for Radio Haninge December 5 2019.


Interview with Daniel Lantz about “Green Man” by Stefan Pettersson for Radio Östersjöblues January 5 2017.


Interview with Daniel Lantz, Viktoria Tolstoy and Matilda Gratte about “Green Man” by Fredrik Eliasson for Musikplats Stockholm P4 on September 2 2016.


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Interview with Daniel Lantz and Beat Funktion by David Owen for the Discovery Show, Floradio, UK, on September 30 2016.


ROOTS (2019)

Internationally acclaimed funk sextet Beat Funktion is back on the scene with their seventh full-length outing, Roots. After numerous mammoth-sized productions involving vocal guest stars as well as choirs and string orchestras, their new album gets rid of any excess luggage and is in essence a return to their roots as an instrumental six-piece jazz-funk group, capturing the band playing live inside the studio. Known for their inimitable ability to conjure up sparkling jazz improvisation on top of irresistible, punchy dance-floor beats and bass riffs, which is on ample display here, they also present a few surprises, sidetracking into probing psychedelia, latin-flavoured rhumbas and sambas and exquisite pop balladry. Yet another collab with engineer Mats Björke to get that warm, trademark BF sound, Roots serves up Lantz’ fine penmanship on all nine tracks. Being a type of re-awakening, the album is the group’s first release on vinyl, made available as a limited luxury edition 180g double LP gatefold of 300 copies worldwide. All lovers of Beat Funktion and funky music, make sure you snatch a vinyl copy before it goes out of print!

GUEST PERFORMERS: Ola Bothzén, percussion

GREEN MAN (2016/2017)

Swedish jazz-funk-soul sensation Beat Funktion’s sixth offering “Green Man” may well be termed their first ‘vocal’ album. The ten new Daniel Lantz-penned groove numbers treat us to Beat Funktion’s trademark melodic, pulsating disco-jazz loved by fans worldwide, but now, with the added depth of vocals, featuring a line-up of no less than eight vocal guest artists from different styles, generations and nationalities, this smorgasbord of Scandinavian dance-funk should open the ears of quite a few new fans as well. The vocal events on the album are breath-taking: Russian-Swedish jazz star Viktoria Tolstoy, American jazz-phenomenon Alicia Olatuja, Swedish soul-hiphop queen Adée, legendary Swedish blues-jazz singer Claes Janson, American Grammy-winning producer and R&B-rapper Damon Elliott’s duet with Swedish/Iranian pop-soul diva Jasmine Kara, Swedish Idol-famed neo-soul songstress Matilda Gratte, multi-talented Mozambique jazz-world-fusion vocalist Deodato Siquir, a string orchestra plus incendiary afro-soul-gospel choir AFRO featured on two tracks, are all incredible highlights of this high-paced and intense musical feast. Three well-crafted instrumentals round out the programme to remind audiences of Beat Funktion’s acclaim as a successful instrumental ensemble. Carefully recorded and mixed to consistently attain that warm, vintage 70s retro-sound and gloriously mastered to sonic perfection by sound guru Tobias Carlsson, it is fair to say that “Green Man” is a revelation to the ears. Turn up the volume and hit the dance floor!

FEATURING: Viktoria Tolstoy, vocals | Alicia Olatuja, vocals | Adée, vocals/rap | Claes Janson, vocals | Damon Elliott, rap | Jasmine Kara, vocals | Matilda Gratte, vocals | Deodato Siquir, vocals | AFRO, vocals Arvid Callin Nerdal, Ida Maipambe, Peter Ekengren, Andrea Callin Nerdal, Hannah Myrberg, Lena Cederholm

GUEST PERFORMERS: Ola Bothzén, percussion | Folke Lantz, percussion | Lina Söderholtz Florén, violin | Åsa Harald, violin | Tomas Ebrelius, viola | Emeli Jeremias, violoncello

OLYMPUS (2015)

Swedish unstoppable six-piece groove machine Beat Funktion is back on the scene with their fifth full-length concept album ‘Olympus’, on which they fetch inspiration from Greek mythology, proving their music can be hip even among ancient Gods, princesses, heroes and monsters. With a handful of newly composed music from the pen of Daniel Lantz, the band has pieced together a brand new album with Mats Björke again as co-producer, but this time around featuring guest vocals as a new ingredient: American Damon Elliott, 7 x Grammy award winning rapper and producer associated with global stars such as Beyoncé, Pink and Gwen Stefani; South African soul queen Sani Gamedze, global performer with icons like Bob James and Hugh Masakela; Swedish Rebecca Laakso, vocal pop prodigy and winner of Eurovision Youth Contest 2003. A funky masterpiece worthy of the Gods!

FEATURING: Damon Elliott, vocals | Sani Gamedze, vocals | Rebecca Laakso, vocals

GUEST PERFORMERS: Charlotte Magnusson, flute | Stina Hellberg Agback, harp | Ola Bothzén, percussion | Ralph Erle, narration | Malin Thurén, violin | Lina Söderholtz Florén, violin | Katarina Bengtson Dennis, viola | Emeli Jeremias, violoncello

Recorded in January-March of 2015 by Mats Björke, Göran Stegborn and Simon Hutchby, mixed by Daniel Lantz and mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Produced by Daniel Lantz and Mats Björke. Official release date: June 1 2015.

Mandy's Secret


Who is Mandy? What is her secret? Beat Funktion deliver yet another high-octane jazz-funk package to shed some light on the story of this mysterious lady. Ten fresh compositions penned by Daniel Lantz combined with high production values in the hands of Mando Diao-pianist Mats Björke, make this riveting album one of the band’s best so far, guaranteed to please all groove aficionados, funky dancers and discerning jazz cats.

GUEST PERFORMERS: Ola Bothzén, percussion | Mats Björke, synthesizers / effects | Lucie Gattepaille, narration | Folke Lantz, percussion

Recorded by Mats Björke. Mixed by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Christoffer Stannow. Produced by Mats Björke & Daniel Lantz. Official release date: September 29 2014 (Europe).


VOODOOLAND (2013/2014)

For their third album, the funk masters of Beat Funktion draw inspiration from the musical depths of 70s Africa to conjure up eight new irresistible voodoo grooves. Helped by top Swedish jazz flautist Staffan Hallgren and Latin percussionist Simon Monserrat, they serve up a beat-ridden, gritty, analogue soundscape for the sweat-inducing dance floor, capped with their trademark top quality jazz solos. Voodooland was released exclusively on the Japanese funk label P-Vine in April 2013 but was released by Do Music Records in Europe in October 2013 and in the US in May 2014.

GUEST MUSICIANS: Staffan Hallgren, flute | Simon Monserrat, percussion | Folke Lantz, percussion

Recorded by Göran Stegborn. Mixed and produced by Daniel Lantz. Vinyl mastered by Christofer Stannow. Digital mastered by Jonas Reingold. Official release dates: April 3 2013 (Japan), October 11 2013 (Europe), May 20 2014 (US).

Moon Town MOON TOWN (2013)

Vintage jazz-funk outfit Beat Funktion takes you back to the roaring 70s with their second presentation of floorfilling funk grooves, meaty bass riffs and fiery jazz solos: the concept album Moon Town, telling the dark tale of a fictitious sci-fi city oozing with criminality, suspenseful action, drizzling rain and surreal inhabitants. Original compositions are merged with fresh takes on select funk covers, and the band is joined by percolating percussion, vocal choruses and orchestral strings for their trademark powerhouse sound.

GUEST MUSICIANS: Ola Bothzén, percussion | Peter Plynning, percussion | Viktoria Colonna, vocals | Susanne Ottebring, vocals | Anna Moberg, vocals | Lina Söderholtz, violin | Malin Thurén, violin | Katarina Bengtson, viola | Emeli Jeremias, cello

Recorded by Anders Westin, Oscar Alvarez and Daniel Lantz. Mixed and produced by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Jonas Reingold. Official release date: January 24 2013 (Europe), May 20 2013 (US).

The Plunge


The debut-CD of Swedish funk sextet Beat Funktion was released on Swedish indie label Do Music Records and features a selection of their most upbeat, catchy and mesmerizing funk and disco grooves. The band pays homage to the 70s vintage sound by its unique combination of energizing jazz solos, riveting bass grooves and carefully crafted arrangements. This is pure powerhouse music that is equally suited for the dance floor as for the listening lounge.

GUEST MUSICIANS: Per V Johansson, electric bass | Peter Plynning, conga | Erik Myrsten, vocals | Ernst-Heinrich Schiebe, vocals | Pernilla Fors, vocals | Susanne Ottebring, vocals | Anna Moberg, vocals | Martin Gumucio, vocals | Lina Söderholtz, violin | Malin Thurén, violin | Katarina Bengtson, viola | Emeli Jeremias, cello

Recorded by Anders Westin, Oscar Alvarez and Martin Gumucio. Mixed by Martin Gumucio and Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Daniel Lantz. Official release date: September 9 2010.







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