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Allehanda (SE) / Bengt Ferm / Oct 28 2019 / “Beat Funktion – African heat at Blueskällaren”

No Depression (US) / Stacey Zering / May 14 2017 / “Interview with Daniel Lantz of Beat Funktion”

Contemporary Fusion Reviews (US) / Dick Metcalf / February 11 2017 “Interview with Daniel Lantz of Beat Funktion”

Kingsize Magazine (SE) / Tobias Carlsson / November 17 2016 “Jasmine Kara och Adée aktuella med svenska jazzfunkbandet Beat Funktion” / “Jasmine Kara and Adée collab with Swedish jazz-funk band Beat Funktion”

Scandinavian Soul (UK) / Andy Collins / November 5 2016
“Paper Girl Adée Ain’t Jivin’ In New Beat Funktion Video”

Intervjun (SE) / Daniel John Johnsson / October 13 2016
“Intervjun möter Daniel Lantz, mannen bakom Beat Funktion, i ett samtal om musikscenen i Sverige, oväntade influenser och nya albumet ‘Green Man’ / “Intervjun meets Daniel Lantz, the man behind Beat Funktion, in a conversation about the Swedish music scene, unexpected influences and the new album ‘Green Man'”

Värmlands Folkblad (SE) / Björn Stefansson / April 21 2016
“Det svänger enastående mest hela tiden” / “It’s intensely groovy all the time”

Upsala Nya Tidning (SE) / Karolina Bergström / April 28 2016
“Svängig Valborgsfusion” / “Groovy Walpurgis Night Fusion”

Scandinavian Soul (UK) / Andy Collins / August 28 2015
“Swedish Band Beat Funktion Bring Jazz, Soul And Original Videos”

Etude Life (US) / Latonya Miller / November 26 2014
“Beating A Path From The Seventies”

BSC News (FR) / Nicolas Vidal / November 24 2014
“La révélation Jazz née dans une discothèque suédoise” / “Revelations of jazz born inside a Swedish discotheque”

Upsala Nya Tidning (SE) / Ellinor Skagegård / September 30 2014
“Uppsalafunk tar USA med storm” / “Uppsala-Funk takes the United States by storm”

Orkesterjournalen (SE) / Olle Hernegren / September 26 2014
“Det funkar för Beat Funktion” / “Beat Funktion make things function”

Jazz Corner (US) / Robert Sutton / March 24 2011 “Interview: Daniel Lantz, keyboardist of Swedish jazz-funk act Beat Funktion”

All About Jazz (US) / Lauren Rogers / March 3 2011 “An interview with Daniel Lantz, keyboardist for Swedish Jazz-Funk band Beat Funktion”


ROOTS (2019)
(Do Music Records)


“The colossal drive of the music gets the listeners up on their feet and before they know it they have also acquired a dose of accessible improvisation! The band’s seventh album feels like the most muscular of them all!” – Björn Stefansson, Värmlands Folkblad, Sweden

“I give Beat Funktion a most highly recommended rating, as well as a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00, that means that it also gets my “pick” for “funkiest album of 2019”! – Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews, US

“Music that gives you energy! It is so groovy that you can barely sit still!” – Pär Dahlerus, Uppsalanyheter, Sweden

”The seventh album, ”Roots”, will expand the stature and renown that is already established. Because the band’s music is riveting, elaborate and technically as well as artistically of a very high class. It simply grooves!” – Ivan Rod, Denmark

“A successful cross-pollination of music styles”! – Bo Bjelvenhammar, Opulens, Sweden

”It is nice, groovy, endless, dynamic music that nourishes the body with its vibrating space of rhythm!” – Micheles Kindh, Blaskan, Sweden


GREEN MAN (2016/2017)

(Do Music Records)


“A musical collective with an extremely broad approach and a really keen ear for making complex arrangements sound accessible and catchy. The songs on Green Man blur the lines between funk, blues, jazz, and fusion!” – Jim Olin, All About Jazz, US

“The ease in which Beat Funktion unwrap their confectionery can make some oblivious to the tightly-knit skills it needs to cook them! The Swedish band soars to new heights on their latest album Green Man, stirring together another electrifying, feet-pumping collection of funky jazz!” – Stacey Zering, No Depression, US

“The new album “Green Man” from Beat Funktion, the Swedish jazz-funk-soul-disco band, can only be described as epic. “Green Man” demands your feet to step, your hips to sway, and your shoulders to play to the beat. Don’t worry, your heart will be willing, and your spirits will rise as the music commands your body to dance to the 10 booty-shaking, finger-snapping tracks!” – Michelle Rae, Nordic Spotlight, US.

“Anyone will find it easy to appreciate what the band has done. They were able to make the right decision in getting guest artists that gave meaning to their musical creations. Beat Funktion did a very bold move that makes the album rich in diversity and creativity. Green Man is filled with fun and virtuoso instrumentals. Every track is fresh and it will certainly not grow old anytime soon!” – Harry Watters, Jazz Corner, US

“This is ’21st Century fresh’ elements of funk, along with a totally strong vocal set! I totally dig this album, and give it my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99!” – Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews, US

“This is the funky Swedes’ sixth studio album, a thoroughly enjoyable fusion romp that will satisfy any fan of the genre. It is refreshingly upbeat and well worth numerous spins! The mix of jazz, R&B, disco, and soul is highly evident and leads the listener on a funkadelic journey across a sea of raw emotions!” – Stacey Zering, INK 19, US

“Green Man is a delicious and moreish dish that once tasted, the listener will want to hear much more of!” – Derek Andersson, Derek’s Music Blog, UK

“It’s a groove fest from beginning to end!” – Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page, US

“Beat Funktion’s sixth album “Green Man” is a journey of Funk and Soul like none other in music which encourages you to seize the day through the powerful songwriting and joyful vibe which these funky Swedes present!” – JR, Collector’s Item/Crates of JR, US

“With their powerful, suggestive beats coming from the rapport between bassist Pal Johnson and drummer Jon Eriksson, well aided by leader Lantz and guitarist Johan Öijen – and all these great singers – the band have found their true element. To top it all, in the band you have soloists like Karl Olandersson on trumpet and Olle Thunström on tenor sax. This is really good music both for your dancing feet as well as your brain!” – Björn G Stenberg, Upsala Nya Tidning, SE

“Whilst Green Man is an album that is expansive, it never feels overpowering, or lacking in focus, as its feet are firmly planted in warm 70s territory.  The arrangements are executed flawlessly, with each band member hitting that deep Soul, Funk, and Jazz pocket and the thoughtful inclusion of guest vocalists provide the band with the opportunity to expand their sound rather than being submissive to each vocalists distinct flavour! File The Green Man under Essential!” – Rich Chocolate, Scandinavian Soul, UK

“We get lots of rich solo playing by the six instrumentally proficient members of Beat Funktion, jammed in between all the singing. A wonderfully hard-swinging group that truly radiates musical joy throughout the album. By way of invited guest vocalists, the expression of their music has broadened, but with the beating jazz-dance-pop-soul rhythms preserved as a solid foundation!” – Thord Ehnberg, DIG Jazz, SE

“It’s an all-inclusive with 77 minutes playing time and the longest song is a little over 13 minutes long, which should be enough for most to dance themselves into fatigue, because it is hard to sit still when Beat Funktion push the throttle. The musicians deliver as always. It is clean and clear and a great team effort, and even though I have a few objections, the positive outweighs. Beat Funktion have done it again and remain steadily seated on the funk throne!” – Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten, SE

“When the internationally successful Beat Funktion invites eight guest soloists for their sixth album they become something of a jazz-funky alternative to the more soul- and r&b-biased Blacknuss All Stars. There is a minority of instrumental tracks so to speak, but there is still room for the sextet’s instrumentalists to play out some shining and inspiring solos!” – Dan Backman, Orkesterjournalen, SE

“Announced with a big fanfare and supported by icons like Bob James and Omar, the Swedes this time create a broader appeal with an abundance of vocal guest collaborators!” – Wilfrid Maas, Fonkadelica, FR

“They have more soul in their luggage, and a guest list that includes a.o. Viktoria Tolstoy, Jasmine Kara, Claes Janson and (Dionne Warwick’s son) Damon Elliott. The basis is still jazz-funk, in several tunes with a nice touch of afrobeat and a rounder, more hit-friendly sound than when the genre moves toward fusion!” – Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter, SE

“I am certain there are plenty of performers who enjoy playing funk or music with funk influences. When it comes to releasing funk on a recorded format, however, there are two that stand out in terms of productivity and sheer quality. It is Daniel Lantz with his Beat Funktion next to Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit who top the list, if you ask me!” – Mats Åkerström, Norran, SE

“Refreshing when bands evolve instead of just keeping on in the same direction as before. Here the music is particularly tight and thoroughly arranged. But there is also room for a few looser jazz-funk tracks with rich solos. Furthermore, Green Man is a truly well-produced album, something you don’t often get with albums of today. … Green Man has become a varied and rock-solid album!” – Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira Musikmagazin, SE

“Just like on previous records, this is steaming hot funk and disco jazz with a 70s scent. What’s different from before is that they have now invited a large number of guest vocalists, Swedish as well as international!” – Nils Ågren, Tidningen 7, SE


OLYMPUS (2015)
(Do Music Records)

12th Most Played Album 2015 On The CMJ Jazz Charts
Nominated For Best Album, Best Band, Best Newcomer And Best Producer In 2015 By Scandinavian Soul Music Awards
Modern Jazz Channel Lists ‘Olympus’ At #7 among 2015’s Top 25 Jazz Albums
16 Consecutive Weeks On American Jazz Charts

Peaking at #1 On Canadian Earshot Charts
Peaking at #2 On US CMJ Radio Charts
Peaking at #41 On JazzWeek Mainstream Charts

(Link to charts)



“I wish you could have heard the collective sound of delight that rang out across the KMHD studios after opening the latest release from Beat Funktion. These Swedish Jazz-Funk pioneers have now released four VITAL albums in the US, but their newest might just be their best to date. This music is athletic, head-bobbing, visceral – but most of all FUN! It’s one of the few new releases we get requests for from our audience, and that makes me very happy!” – Matt Fleeger, KMHD Jazz Radio Oregon, US

“This album sounds fresh even though it builds upon a particular sound from the past. While it gives a strong representation of the 70s fusion sound, it certainly does not sound dated. Great compositions, solid playing and slick production make this a fantastic album. While the presence of slick production sometimes has the potential to ruin a band’s sound, that is not the case here. The production is such that the group is shown to be the incredibly tight ensemble that they are, while adding interest and concept to the overall sound!” – Geannine Reid, All About Jazz, US

“Beat Funktion is interesting because they do it all, like a Swiss army knife, an invigorating group of post-funk and jazz sculpted for the 21st century; the musical multi-tool is the pure sound revelation of the seventies, combined with modern jazz. They are all virtuoso, all vibrant soloists and impeccable team players. In the tradition of all noteworthy artistic creators, every last individual shines throughout on Olympus!” – H. Allen Williams, JazzTimes, US

“The music is exotic, moving and deep. And it is much more rooted in contemporary jazz than Mandy was. The funk base still reigns, of course; Beat Funktion has not abandoned their sound but they have deepened, twisted and grown it. This album drives like a supercharged chariot!” – Michael Scott Cain, Rambles, US

“The crossover ability of the six musicians is remarkable! They meet and conquer the challenge of adapting to such varied styles, often within the space of a single track!” – Travis Rogers Jr, Music Life and Times, US

“Another thoroughly satisfying release from a band that delivers the groove, every time!” – Chris Cooke, KIOS 91.5 FM, Omaha, US

“Starting with the decidedly Greek theme of the CD jacket, to the introductory poem about Greek Gods and myths, Beat Funktion never fails creativity and inspiration! They blend soul, funk and yes, even modified rap sprinkled in for good measure! This is a stunning work by a group I have come to enjoy very much!” – Paul Wilson, Audiophile Review, US

“Beat Funktion’s brand of fusion can rightly claim old-school funk among its lines of lineage. The unflinching rhythmic repetition found in abundance on the Swedish sextet’s current set bears a kinship with that which was a staple of James Brown’s fare!” – Duane Verh, Jazz & Blues Magazine, US

“Surely their most accomplished album so far!” – Wilfrid Maas, Fonkadelica, FR

“Those funky Swedes, Beat Funktion, are back at it with new concept album ‘Olympus’, perhaps their best compositions yet!” – Bradley Stone, The Creative Source, Soul And Jazz, US

“I found this album to be aesthetically pleasing not just because I’m interested in the subject matter, but because the music has a certain je ne sais quoi that fuels the imagination. Plus, you can boogie with the funk, as the kids probably today say. 10/10 Stars!” – Melanie Zelikovksy, Kamp Radio Tuscon, Arizona, US

“Totally infectious! Impossible to sit still!” – Thord Ehnberg, DIG Jazz, SE

“When this outstanding six-piece-band, with guests, get all groovy, that is when they impress big time. Just follow Ralph Erle’s request: “Now, put on your groovy shoes, turn up the volume and let us begin the game of the Gods!” – Nils Ågren, Tidningen 7, SE

“Rich funk-jazz! Beat Funktion mixes funky jazz with rap and vocals and the result is brilliant!” – Mats Åkerström, Norran, SE

“Danceable, funk-marinated soul jazz of top quality!” – Ulf Thelander, Orkesterjournalen, SE

“From beginning to end, the funk sextet sounds particularly inspired, and the album has variation as well as coherence. You need a powerful groove to bring on the funk and the band sure is delivering in that respect!” – Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira Musikmagasin, SE

“With American star producer Damon Elliott involved, Norberg-born Daniel Lantz and his Beat Funktion are now releasing a new album. ‘Olympus’, the name of the fifth and latest installment in Beat Funktion’s career, is something out of the ordinary!” – Emeli Lillbacka, Fagersta-Posten, SE

“The groove is just as good and cool as on previous albums! An exciting album that I love listening to!” – Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten, SE

“Fun stuff that finds them taking on some new moves and delivering the kind of heat to thaw out frozen climes!” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, US


(Do Music Records)

21 Consecutive Weeks On American Jazz Charts
Peaking at #1 On Canadian Earshot Charts

Peaking at #3 On US CMJ Radio Charts
Peaking at #4 On International Roots Music Report Charts
Peaking #34 On JazzWeek Mainstream Charts

(Link to charts)

Mandy's Secret


“Beat Funktion’s latest endeavor is the next contribution to a growing discography that I feel one day will be added to the reference point of great funk/jazz bands, certainly ones to watch. Highly Recommended!” – H. Allen Williams, JazzTimes, US

“The musicianship is top-notch and the writing is superb, which to me is the unique and secret ingredient.” – Jeff Becker, Jazz Sensibilities, US

“A wonderful balance of proportions between composition and improvisation. Arrangements, melody, and overall writing is deeply emphasized. ‘Mandy’s Secret’ is guaranteed to please all groove aficionados, funky dancers and discerning jazz cats.” – Geannine Reid, All About Jazz, US

“The band Beat Funktion has a great sound that joins funk, jazz, rock and soul in a very fresh way to create a sound that is incredibly modern and enjoyable.” – The Jazz Page, US

“Overall, this band brings to the table a breath of fresh, albeit nostalgic, air. They demonstrate just how much fun can be had in fusing the various elements of jazz with groove and funk!” – Johnny McFarland, KJHK 90.7 FM, US

“I can here reliably report that the groovin-n-then-some Beat Funktion is back stronger than ever, more so even than their last outing, Voodooland, which aced its own 2013 killer, Moon Town …and, thank you God!, that means, in 2014, we got two BF releases, the very definition of ‘bonanza’ and ‘providence’. – Mark S. Tucker, FAME Review, US

“Instantly enticing RnB electrified funk with the unrestrictive improv spirit of jazz that’s garnered Beat Funktion a lot of airplay on jazz stations in the USA as well as extended residencies at the high end of jazz charts there and abroad.” – S. Victor Aaron, Something Else, US

“Beat Funktion tap into a vibe of fun and festivity of Jazz-Funk!” – Crates of JR, US

“More than proving they have the right stuff and are here to stay, this funk express train is hurtling mightily through the night with it’s load on board and intact. Killer stuff that gets and keeps the party going.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, US

“‘Mandy’s Secret’ is another example of how much exciting is being created today, next to the more superficial, which gets the big headlines in the newspapers.” – Bo Levander, Jönköpingsposten, SE

“This is jazz funk of the best brand” – Anders Lagercrantz, LIRA Musikmagazin, SE


VOODOOLAND (2013-2014)
(Do Music Records/P-Vine Records)

9th Most Played Album 2014 On CMJ Jazz Charts
16 Consecutive Weeks On US Charts
Peaking at #1 On US Radio Charts For 3 Consecutive Weeks
8 Weeks Among Top 10 On Canadian Charts
Exclusive Japan-only limited edition available

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“A funky retro sound that cooks in 2014!” – D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine, US

“A very enjoyable ‘desert island’ release that is sure to please!” – Paul Wilson, Audiophile Magazine, US

“When you’re done with the disc, track down the mind-blowing Montreux All-Stars 22-minute version of ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ cause it’s going to be hard to find beats to take up the slack once ‘Voodooland’ has its way with you!” – Mark S. Tucker, FAME Review

“Jazz-funk supreme from Sweden that will cast it’s spell on you and your hips in the immediate!” – Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation, US

“No matter what genre of music you may listen to, Voodooland is worth a listen and I will gamble it will become your go-to album in years to come. Old school rules. Highly Recommended!” – Douglas Reid, The Examiner, US

“The music remains the coolest, hippest jazz/funk/reggae/hip-hop groove mix in Scandinavia and beyond!” – Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here, UK

“The six guys in Sweden’s Beat Funktion play funk music… and the good news is that they’re damn good at it!” – D. Seven, LMNOP Magazine, US

“First white boys take over the blues, now Swedish white boys claim the funk. It’s a world gone mad alright, but it at least it has first class funk in it. Hot stuff throughout!” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, US

“Voodooland” offers jazz-funk mastered to perfection!” – Wilfrid Masse, French Fonkadelica, FR

“I’ve said it before and I say it again – bring Beat Funktion to Ö-vik! – This swings like f**k!” – Nils Ågren, Tidningen 7, SE

“Here is everything that makes this style of music what it is, a hot stew of rhythms and tones. … This is jazz-funk of the highest order!” – Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten, SE



MOON TOWN (2013)
(Do Music Records)

15 Consecutive Weeks On US Radio Charts
Peaking at #4 On CMJ Top 40 Jazz Charts
Top 5 Canadian Charts

(Link to charts)


“First rate music played by a first rate band!” – John Book, This Is Book’s Music, US

“This crew excels at 70s flavored funk!” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, US

“Raw, funky grooves and danceable rhythms which will appeal to all generations who enjoy the gritty grooves of funk and the complexities of jazz melodies. Take a trip through Moon Town, and catch the vibe!” – H. Allen Williams, JazzTimes, US

“In the hands of lesser musicians, this music would be dicey. But Beat Funktion is a crack ensemble with a James Brown-attention to the almighty beat that makes these grooves what they are!” – C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, US

“The title combined with the cover art alone was reason enough to give Beat Funktion a spin… I was not disappointed!” – Brent Black, Critical Jazz, US

“Hailing from Sweden, the home of ’70s pop icon Abba, Beat Funktion creates a mixture of American funk and Euro pop that is as contagious as it was over forty years ago attracting a new generation of fans to the entertainment facet of funk-based tracks!” – Susan Frances, Yahoo News, US

“‘Moon Town’ sits firmly in the ‘way cool’ category!” – Mark S Tucker, FAME Review, US

“By far one of the most intellectually interesting, excitingly dynamic, and groundbreaking spins to cross my desk in many years!” – Karl Stober, EJazzNews, US

“We found ourselves listening to this one over and again, a sure sign of hooks that sink in!”– D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine, US

“An album I intended to dismiss in a couple of paragraphs but became more and more hooked!” – Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here, UK

“Spend some time here, discover a group truly innovative on many levels. BEAT FUNKTION is wholly addictive – and over the top entertaining! 5 stars out of 5!” – Grady Harp, Amazon, US

“De spelar också med genuin känsla för stilen. Vi talar synkoperade grooves, gurglande elpiano och blåtonat blås minnande om 70-talets deckarvinjetter och en Herbie Hancock iförd märklig tribalmask!” – Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter, SE

“Dansant jazzfunk-cocktail som känns riktigt genomtänkt, spännande och intressant att lyssna på. Fastän det är instrumentalt, lyckas de med konststycket att berätta med instrumenten!” – Anders Rosesund, Dalarnas Tidningar, SE

“Supersväng. Det är disco, det är funk. Det är psykadelisk jazz. Till och med konvolutet doftar gamla tider. 70-tal närmare bestämt och gänget svänger grymt i samtliga genrehörn. Sextettens snygga sound är lika tajt som kittlande mjukt!” – Anna Wallentin, Folkbladet, SE

“Här slår energi och kreativitet ut i blom!” – Göran Olson, Dig Jazz, SE

“Det svänger så det bitvis svartnar!” – Peter Stolpestad, Tidningen Pingst, SE



 THE PLUNGE (2010)
(Do Music Records)


“The group’s spontaneously combusting mix of jazz, vintage R&B, and disco is happening stuff!” – Leslie Connors, JazzTimes, US

“This is a band to keep an eye on!” – Patrick Van De Wiele, Keys And Chords, NE

“The band has just released their debut album, The Plunge, which crackles with real instrumentation, youthful spunk, and non-stop good times” – Robert Sutton, Jazz Corner, US

“Beat Funktion is a fireball of pop smarts, a living, breathing groove machine that grinds together the sweat-drenched vintage R&B of James Brown with the sexy hooks of ’70s dance music and the soulful depth and instrumental complexities of jazz” – All About Jazz, US

“Beat Funktion could possibly be one of the world’s most tirelessly energetic bands. That is no exaggeration. On their debut album, “The Plunge,” Beat Funktion pushes the pedal to the floor, all the way down, and unleashes disco fireballs that would set any club ablaze. Imagine a well-honed jazz act schooled by Parliament and James Brown. That, in essence, is Beat Funktion” – Robert Sutton, Top40-Charts, US

“Who said it was cold in Sweden? In any case, not team Fonkadelica, especially after this hot discovery at the end of the year, with Beat Funktion, you can forget Abba forever!” – Wilfrid Masse, Fonkadelica, FR

”Den Uppsala/Stockholm-baserade gruppen lanserar en hårdpulserande, funkjuckande, Fender Rhodesmättad klubbjazz, där Karl Olandersson och tenorsaxofonisten Olle Thunström har mycket riffande att sköta!” – Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan, SE

”Jag imponeras av hur tajt bandet är och med vilken attityd de spelar. Hela produktionen håller hög klass och det ska bli intressant att följa bandet i framtiden!” – Stig L, Folkbladet, SE

“Se här, en rejäl doft av 70-talet och gammal god discostämning. Det gungar och svänger så att man har svårt att sitta still. Och jag slås av hur välproducerad den här plattan är. Här finns allt med. Stråkarna, Fender Rhodes, den bubblande och mullrande elbasen och den luftiga kören ger allt den där sköna och rätta karaktären” – Bo Levander, Jönköpingsposten, SE

”Det puttrar och sjuder energiskt och konstant!” – Ulf Thelander, Orkesterjournalen, SE







Christina Glaeser (Europe)
Hantverkargatan 52
PHONE: +46 73 947 98 51

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